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July 16, 2020 Click here

In this edition

  • bioGLOT Ventures uses viima online Innovation Management toolkit
  • are you a spin-off or a start-up? We are here to assist you 
  • inbound Marketing support & HubSpot CRM. Special Offer for start-ups only. Join our CRMaaS service.
  • are you taking the first steps or you deep diving in the world of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning or Robotic Process Automation? bioGLOT Ventures announces collaboration with Xtrasio, a Cambridge-based Technology Company

August 1, 2020 Click here

In this edition

  • bioGLOT Ventures cater for the Corporate clients as the best Agile Management Platform
  • bioGLOT Ventures introduces a series of Maverick @work Virtual Training Courses by Mosaic innovation 
  • bioGLOT Ventures introduces ThinkFlow platform for building low cost, low code prototypes with meaningful data for practical AI applications

August 16, 2020 Click here

In this edition

  • bioGLOT Ventures invites Spin-off and Start-up teams that seek Funding to apply for Free Consultation  
  • bioGLOT Ventures announces Technology Transfer Service for Spin-offs / Start-ups and Corporate companies
  • bioGLOT Ventures introduces Corporate Innovation & Lean Entrepreneurship Workshops  

September 1, 2020 Click here

In this edition

  • bioGLOT Ventures introduces Octimine IP Management AI-Powered Patent Search & Analytics platform for Intellectual Property and Research & Development Departments, as well Research Institutions
  • bioGLOT Ventures introduces Intelligent Automation Solutions for Digital on-boarding Remote Work using IDM iBOT
  • bioGLOT Ventures expand their Team to support web-based tools and solutions – monday.comHubSpot and viima – and deliver Grant Writing   

September 16, 2020 Click here

In this edition

  • bioGLOT Ventures Invites Investors to Invest in ABL Biotec venture
  • bioGLOT Ventures invites Spin-off and Start-up teams that seek Financing to apply for Free Consultation  
  • bioGLOT Ventures introduces DIAMS iQ – IP management software by Dennemeyer IP Group

October 1, 2020 Click here

In this edition

  • bioGLOT Ventures Invites Investors to Invest in Oncolyze venture
  • bioGLOT Ventures Invites Researchers and Organisations to partner with AIethics in Grant applications 
  • bioGLOT Ventures invites you to choose your preferred Newsletters and evaluate our performance
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