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Impact Calculator

For companies coming out of Covid-19 pandemic, a Business Impact Analysis in real-time would be the first step towards reconstruction. 

Our Impact Calculator can calculate the business impact on various factors such as Customer Service, Compliance with Government regulations, Loss of revenue, Loss of business, Increase in operating costs, Loss of goodwill and Loss of stakeholder confidence to enable businesses to work out a suitable solution.

Intelligent Service Availability Management

One major challenge that a disaster brings with it is the disruption to the conduct of business. We can help you seamlessly automate your critical Data Centre operations and remain business resilient against disasters. Continuity Patrol, our Intelligent Service Availability Management Suite enables Real-Time Enterprise Visibility in a single-click for Business Service Availability Assurance, Orchestration and Automation.

Automated Business Continuity Management Planning

Enterprises face a daunting challenge of executing their BCM (business continuity management) process on an organisation-wide level. Executing the BCM process across the organisation requires complex planning and execution to ensure business continuity. 'BCM Wallet', our handy mobile application manages, monitors, and executes Business Continuity more quickly and easily to help maintain continuity of operations during a crisis.

Organisations can rely on 'Continuity Vault' to develop, implement and maintain a viable continuity plan to protect their people, manage operations and sustain the organisation during the pandemic and beyond. Continuity Vault enables a comprehensive platform for BCMP (business continuity management planning) that integrates people, process and technology.

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