As we experience the consequences of the Anthropocene era, being in a fast-moving world with unprecedented technological and socio-cultural changes, companies and especially the start-ups have to tackle with numerous challenges to confront the dictates of New Data Economy and the Digital Transformation – Robotics, AI, IoT, Industry 4.0, 3D printing, AR/VR to name the most important drivers and develop the Disruption Technologies that will fabricate the foundations of the New Age.

provide an insight on the above through Innovation & Strategy, design and implement with business teams the plan in the most Agile way.

We appeal to two distinctive target groups – the business world that strives to tackle the issues of today’s competitive environment and the startup community.

Our business model is  focusing on IT and Biomed verticals though not exclusively, and aim primarily to bridge the two ecosystems – the Greek and Cypriot one to that of Cambridge – in a way to facilitate:

   – Spin-offs, Start-ups and other Greek companies fundraising and financial modelling in the UK or elsewhere

   – Technology Transfer/Commercialization – both ways

   – Experts/Team Recruitment and development, especially for a new venture

   – Government grants and European programmes – assistance in Grant writing (Innovate UK, Greek & EU Programmes) or seek partners for European programmes

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We also provide a set of different solutions on Innovation and Strategy initiatives and IT solutions, including

   – Innovation Sessions and Workshops

   – Agile Transformation 

   – Artificial Intelligence (AI) based technology solutions etc.  

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How it works

The first step is an in-depth assessment of Current State Analysis of the company or the new venture in terms of Strategy, Organization, Systems & Infrastructure and the up-to-date results.

Innovation Due Diligence (IDD) will expose the areas and the needs to be met so the client will experience the desired outcomes.

will become your Innovation Curator to build the foundations for the next step and provide ground-breaking solutions to your needs.

Implementation of the plan based on Agile Principles and perspective, Evaluate, Control and Act as many times are necessary to excel the planned outcome. Scrum or Kanban or other Continuous Improvement practices are utilised based on the client’s needs.

is a member of Cambridge Network

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